Your HR team’s time is valuable, and so is your employees’. Help them both be more efficient with ADP Workforce Now’s benefits tools, which helps to reduce time, paper and manual processes. Hear from real clients about their experience using ADP’s benefit solutions.

I love the benefits and doing our open enrollment electronically through ADP and not having to do everything by paper anymore. Employee self-service saves us so much time now that our associates are able to get the information they need and make the changes they want all by themselves. Many modules ADP offers have saved us so much time and money, which is especially important during turnover and without replacing every associate in departments like HR and payroll. We can now do more with less people.

Karen DeRose, Payroll Manager
RedBuilt LLC


  • Managing benefits with tedious, paper-based and manual processes.

How ADP helped

  • ADP Workforce Now provides an automated benefits solution to help employees and HR professionals save time and resources.

ADP solution

  • ADP Workforce Now®

ADP was an easy choice
Prior to starting my agency, I was familiar with and used an ADP solution in the past. When I was contacted by an ADP sales rep to discuss a payroll solution for my agency, it was an easy decision because I had a positive prior experience. I’ve been using RUN Powered by ADP® since the first day I opened my doors.

RUN is more than just payroll
Yes, RUN is great for payroll — but it also provides additional resources that I currently take advantage of to help me run my business more efficiently. I like having access to HR forms, best practice documents and checklist templates because it saves me the stress of not having to recreate the wheel.

Benefits of the ADP Mobile app
I use the ADP Mobile app all the time, from checking my own personal information to processing payroll. I’m on the go a lot, and ease of use is a priority for me. I think that any busy business owner will find great benefit in using the app because it’s simple and easy to navigate — I know I have.

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