Platinum Hair Salon is a full-service hair salon dedicated to providing exceptional hair and makeup services to its clients, priding itself on remaining on the cutting edge of today’s top beauty looks. Finding a payroll solution that helped provide peace of mind and promote efficiency was a must for the business.

RUN lets me quickly do what needs to be done to pay my people and get back to focusing on what I do best — moving forward with my business and providing my staff and clients with the best experience possible.

Platinum Hair Salon

Michaeline D’Annunzio, CEO and owner
Platinum Hair Salon


  • Time consuming payroll burdens and an outdated recruiting process were interfering with efficiently managing the business and finding candidates with the desired expertise.

How ADP helped

  • The powerful solutions available with RUN Powered by ADP and ZipRecruiter relieved the burden of manual administrative payroll tasks while streamlining recruiting efforts that helped attract top talent.

Overcoming challenges with RUN Powered by ADP®

Prior to becoming an ADP® client, I was all over the place trying to manage my payroll. We’re structured to have different compensation levels for my employees that include hourly rates, commission rates and hourly rates with commission. At the time, I was using QuickBooks but didn’t always have all my information in one spot so I would have some information on my computer, some stored on a separate disk. It was a chore trying to keep things straight while trying to run payroll weekly. Information was entered incorrectly, there were issues with depositing taxes — it was just a nightmare. Meanwhile, my business continued to grow which meant my challenges would, as well. That’s when my business coach connected me with a new accountant who strongly recommended that I consider using ADP as a payroll service provider. Let me say, it was the best advice because RUN Powered by ADP saved my life.

Top talent through ZipRecruiter®

We are a career-oriented salon meaning that when we take students or recent graduates out of beauty school, we want to help develop their trade and skills into a long-term career and not just a side job. I’m always interested in someone who’s just coming up in the industry, a rising star. The biggest challenge is finding the best talent to recruit. In the past, a lot of candidates came from word of mouth referrals from other people in the industry. However, there was a lot of inconsistency with these referrals. Some were good, but just as many were not so good.

Using RUN, I was introduced to ZipRecruiter and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. It has saved me a lot of time and frustration as it pre-screens applicant credentials and selects highly qualified candidates that I want to consider and choose from based on the skill sets I want. My last two hires were found through ZipRecruiter and they’re terrific. It’s worked out great and I could not be happier with the decision of bringing them onboard. And now that the job market continues to get stronger post-pandemic, I think we’re going to see an influx of more applicants looking to get back to their careers, in and out of my industry, and I think ZipRecruiter is the kind of tool that will be able to match the right people with the right job — like it has for me. We’re actively recruiting for several positions and ZipRecruiter has helped make the process much easier.

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