Defining Your Hiring Requirements

Who Do You Need?

Before you dive right in and start penning a job ad, you need to establish what sort of help you require.

Main Things to Consider

Here are the main things to consider before making that all-important choice:

Full-time employees typically work 30 or more hours per week and would typically be eligible for any benefits offered by the company. It’s a good idea to weave the cost of these benefits into the employee’s overall compensation package so you’re not blindsided by extra expenses later on.

Part-time employees normally work less than 30 hours per week and may be eligible for company benefits. Depending on the workload and other departmental needs, hiring a parttime employee may be more cost-effective than hiring someone on a full-time basis, especially when you’re still figuring out exactly how much help you need.

If you want to fill a vacancy due to a temporary requirement then this is the option for you. Temporary employees are generally not eligible for company benefits.

Does your business flourish during a particular time of year? It might be best to hire employees exclusively for those seasons when you need extra hands.

If you need a specialized project to be completed by a bona fide expert, you may want to consider an independent contractor. Independent contractors work for themselves and are not employees of your company.

The government has made misclassification enforcement a top priority, targeting employers who have wrongly / mistakenly labeled employees as independent contractors. Be sure to classify correctly and adhere to independent contractor tests before classifying a worker as an independent contractor.

Many of us have been an intern at one stage or another. Internships allow students to obtain entry-level experience in a job or field they are interested in and employers get the chance to work with fresh talent and potential future employees.

Unless very narrow tests are satisfied, generally internships must be paid. For more information, see the Department of Labor’s six-part test.

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