Delivering a meaningful employee experience has always been challenging. The key is to monitor and continually adjust it to keep it working for you and your people.

When evaluating your employee experience, use these four stages as a guide:

  1. Hiring and onboarding: Candidates accept a job offer and join your ranks.
  2. Engagement, growth and development, and retention: Employees are engaged or disengaged, have opportunities to grow and develop, and are retained or not.
  3. Turnover and offboarding: Employees retire or leave involuntarily, affecting your turnover rate, and exit through your offboarding process.
  4. Post-employment sentiment: Loyal former employees, or alums, praise and endorse your organization, or speak neutrally or negatively about it; some may say nothing at all.

Our guidebook further defines these stages, along with five important considerations for each, and discusses technology that can help you build or improve your employee experience.

ADP Editorial Team

ADP Editorial Team The ADP editorial team is comprised of human resource professionals with extensive experience solving complex HR challenges for businesses of all sizes.