The ability to attract and retain various employees from differing backgrounds and with varying skills and perspectives can set a business apart. But traditional recruiting practices may prove challenging when it comes to identifying and hiring diverse candidates.

Instead, cast your recruitment net where diverse candidates are and establish policies and values that support an inclusive workplace. Here are some tips to achieve that objective:

  1. Showcase your diversity commitments
    During the hiring process, promote yourself as an employer of choice that values diversity. Incorporate your diversity activities, initiatives and awards into your employer branding and recruitment processes and materials.
  2. Be empathetic to what candidates are seeking
    When developing a package to meet your candidates’ needs, you must understand what benefits they desire. For example, not every LGBTQ+ couple is married, so consider whether your plans provide fair coverage.

For more of the five best practices for recruiting diversity, download our guidebook.

ADP Editorial Team

ADP Editorial Team The ADP editorial team is comprised of human resource professionals with extensive experience solving complex HR challenges for businesses of all sizes.