Save time.
Lower costs.
Reduce risks.

Minimize the impact of time-consuming and costly
Human Capital Management (HCM)-related compliance
tasks no matter what payroll system you’re using.


Close the compliance gap with the comprehensive and customizable suite of services in ADP SmartCompliance®

ADP SmartCompliance is a powerful combination of innovative, time saving technology and dedicated service from our team of compliance experts. Organized into service modules, ADP SmartCompliance can be customized to your needs and easily scaled as those needs change and your company grows.

ADP SmartCompliance Overview

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Open. Accessible. Easily integrated.

Compatibility is built into ADP SmartCompliance.

We’ve designed ADP SmartCompliance to work seamlessly with many HCM platforms - both from ADP and others.

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Keeping compliant doesn’t
have to be a burden.

There are hundreds of tasks associated with HCM-related compliance. Depending on your industry, company size, and specific needs, ADP SmartCompliance has service capabilities to help minimize the burden of these tasks.

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ADP SmartCompliance at Work

Shawn Poole, President & CFO, EmployBridge

We set a goal of capturing $6 million in Tax credits over 5 years. ADP's SmartCompliance Module allowed us to capture $7 million in tax credits in half the time.

Shawn Poole, President & CFO, EmployBridge

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