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Features of ADP® Mobile Solutions

Imagine a world where critical information about your job was available at your fingertips:
time tracking, benefits and payroll information, company news and contacts. Now stop imagining, and
start using ADP Mobile Solutions.

Access and print pay and W2 statements easily.

  • Access pay statements
  • View net pay and gross year-to-date pay
  • Review earnings, deductions, and direct deposits

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You may also have access to these features.

Access to certain features is dependent on your employer's ADP products. Please consult your HR
Representative to find out what's available to you.

Track time and approve timesheets, anytime.

  • Clock in and out
  • Update, submit and approve timesheets
  • Review time off balances
  • Submit and approve time off requests

Review and manage benefits elections and information.

  • Complete your Benefits Annual Enrollment
  • Access existing and future benefits elections.
  • View information by category of benefit, plan type, and coverage level.
  • Select detailed views such as effective date, deduction per pay period, and employer contribution

Manage your team from your tablet.

  • Approve timesheets and time off requests
  • Edit team schedules
  • View team calendar
  • Access employees' worker profiles

Access retirement accounts.

  • Check balances
  • Review contributions
  • See rates of return
  • View loan balances

View balances and transactions for ALINE Card by ADP.

  • View card balances and recent transactions
  • Locate nearby, surcharge-free ATMs

View FSA balances and recent transactions.

  • See a list of the accounts, available balances, and annual goal amounts
  • View claims information, payment information, and contribution amounts

Stay connected to colleagues, company news and events.

  • Get contact information from a centralized, up-to-date employee contact list
  • View company news and upcoming events

Access ADP Mobile Safely and Securely.

  • Register as a new user
  • Login using a password, PIN, or a fingerprint
  • Retrieve a forgotten user ID
  • Reset a forgotten PIN or Password