ADP vs. OneSource Virtual

See why ADP’s suite of compliance services for Workday beats out OSV.

See where ADP beats out OSV

Comprehensive suite of compliance services

Comprehensive post-payroll compliance services: employment tax, wage garnishments and wage payments offered offered
Employer portal with tasks and updated visibility into employment tax, wage garnishments and wage payments offered offered
Managed services with existing post-payroll compliance services2 offered offered
ACA eligibility determination, affordability calculations, furnishings and filings for federal (IRS) and state-required reporting3 offered offered
Monthly analysis of employee-level ACA data and one-on-one review with client's assigned ACA service specialist offered ?
Proprietary, single solution for full wage payments and paycard services offered not offered
Proprietary WOTC solution managed and serviced by ADP tax credits specialists4 offered not offered

Award-winning technology with certified Workday integrations

Available promotions* to assist with implementation costs
*Limited time offer, based upon estimated implementation costs; ask your ADP salesperson for more information
offered offered
Multiple Workday-Approved integrations offered not offered
Awards: TrustRadius, G2 and Big Innovation 2020-2023 19 2
2020 BIG Innovation Award: State Employer Reporting for ACA tracking and reporting solution offered not offered

Top-rated service by compliance experts

Awarded "Best Customer Support"" 2021 based on multiple customer reviews on TrustRadius offered not offered
Service Awards: 2022-2023 G2 "Users Love Us", Top Rated Tax and Compliance Consulting offered not offered
Call center staffed with agents specifically trained in wage garnishment matters who provide bilingual support for employees offered not offered

Focused on HCM compliance as a strategy

Singular focus on providing Human Capital Management (HCM) and related compliance services for 74 years offered not offered
Agency portal: status visibility of garnishment notifications, liens, activity, payment based on cases, orders offered not offered

Top awards based on hundreds of client reviews

Reviews by real users on TrustRadius and G2 have earned ADP SmartCompliance top ratings and “best of” awards.


Service delivery tailored to your payroll and HR compliance needs

ADP built its business on technology-enabled services designed for people

We understand the importance of feeling confident in the team managing your compliance work and knowing that you can reach someone directly for any issues that arise. Our model is one of visibility, transparency and dedicated, accessible service.

  • Visibility – The purpose-built ADP SmartCompliance portal lets you clearly see the work being done on your behalf.
  • Configurable alerts – A simple dashboard experience alerts you to any urgent actions required and lets you know what can wait.
  • Knowledge – Regular legislative updates, training and one-on-one guidance help ensure that you know what changes are coming and how they may impact you.
  • Directly reachable service – You will have designated service reps that are experts in each area of compliance and available by phone, secure email, or, in many cases, online chat.
  • Managed service option – If you are currently using OSV to fully manage your entire payroll and post-payroll processes, ADP can provide end-to-end managed payroll services with representatives who hold Workday Payroll certifications.2

Why ADP is the leading choice over OSV

Directly Reachable Service

Tenured service representatives you can contact directly

Being able to directly reach an expert about a critical compliance matter provides confidence that the issue is in good hands. That’s why ADP provides designated service representatives who have expertise in each area of compliance and are directly accessible by phone, secure email or, in many cases, online chat.

OSV post payroll services can require additional agreements to include a dedicated service representative. OSV also drives service requests through their help desk ticketing system.

Visibility and Transparency

Peace of mind that compliance activities are in good hands

The purpose-built ADP SmartCompliance portal combines multiple compliance processes and the data behind them into one, easy-to-use solution. The status of work being done on your behalf is easily viewable and you can drill down into employee-level detail, if needed, to be confident that work is being done and exceptions are being addressed.

OSV provides limited data in file formats that require work on your behalf to review, research and resolve. Often, these reports must be requested via a support ticket and, thus, may not be available immediately.

Best-in-Class Workday Integrations

Data integration to a purpose-built compliance platform

ADP leverages REST APIs and other modern data integration methods to directly and securely transmit the data needed for each compliance process to ADP SmartCompliance and back to Workday. These integrations make it possible for us to be flexible and agile as requirements change without any burden on the Workday system. They also allow for near real-time availability of information and help avoid errors caused by the manual handling of data.

OSV manages your post payroll process by directly accessing your system to pull data to process your payroll taxes, for example, in their own proprietary tax engine. This requires their personnel to have direct login access to your live Workday production instance to move your data.

Compliance as a Strategy

ADP was founded on and continues to focus on compliance

ADP was founded on the principle of helping reduce the employer burdens associated with regulatory requirements. It remains our focus today. From strategic planning to the talent we hire, ADP is all about compliance and the innovations needed to stay ahead of ever-increasing employer burdens, as well as the changing needs of workers.

OSV originated as a software system integrator that has more recently also begun offering some compliance services.

Breadth of Compliance Expertise

Connect Workday to a wide range of compliance services

ADP offers a wide selection of compliance services with a broad range of features. This helps you reduce burden, improve accuracy and reduce risks associated with compliance processes, such as payroll tax filing and remittance for employees and independent contractors; end-to-end management of wage garnishments; a single-vendor solution for pay distribution by direct deposit, paycard or check; monthly comprehensive management of Affordable Care Act (ACA) eligibility, affordability and reporting; unemployment claims management; automated employment and income verification; Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening and management; and efficient management and payment of independent contractors.

While OSV offerings address multiple compliance processes, their listed services are not as comprehensive as those of ADP.

Learn more about what to look for in an HCM compliance services provider

The vendor you select impacts the effectiveness, cost and risks associated with the work required to comply with applicable regulations.


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Integrating compliance and HCM solutions

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  1. As of March 11, 2024 and is subject to change.
  2. May be provided in collaboration with other vendors.
  3. For OSV services, certain ACA calculations are performed by Workday platform.
  4. OSV clients receive WOTC services from Equifax