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Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC)

HITEC is a global executive leadership organization that works to support Hispanic technology professionals, ensuring they get the training, exposure and mentorship opportunities needed for a successful career. The group is comprised of senior business IT executives, including executives leading global 1000 corporations who mentor and sponsor emerging leaders and provide a forum for their career development and advancement. By partnering with HITEC, ADP receives resources for employee growth and development as well as exposure to the organization’s best talent. For more information on HITEC, please visit their website at not only supports women in the technology field, but also the organizations that employ them and the academic institutions that are training the next generation of women in technology. The non-profit highlights the accomplishments of women technologists and enables them to establish peer networks. Our partnership with gives ADP the opportunity to learn best practices that attract, retain, and advance women in technology and provide our associates opportunities to engage in external networks. For more information on, please visit their website at

Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF)

ITSMF has spent the last 20 years working to increase the representation of black professionals at the senior levels in the technology field. They offer management and executive level programming that provide participants with the skills to take on additional responsibilities and increase their contributions in their organizations. By supporting ITSMF, ADP has access to the organization’s diverse talent and is able to provide professional development opportunities to our associates. For more information on ITSMF, please visit their website at

Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)

HACE supports the employment, development, and enhancement of Latino professionals by providing a number or resources, including job matching services, leadership and development programs, and mentoring for both students and professionals. HACE’s goal is to shape the American workplace through the development of a strong pipeline of Latino talent within all organizations. ADP’s partnership with HACE gives our organization access to an impressive pool of Latino talent. For more information on HACE, please visit their website at

Professional Diversity Network (PDN)

The Professional Diversity Network connects organizations looking to diversify their workforce with a diverse pool of professionals searching for their next career. Employers post open positions on their site, making it an efficient way for PDN’s members to find the best match for their skills and expertise. By posting job openings with PDN, ADP is able to reach a diverse group of applicants that will help continue to foster ADP’s culture of inclusion. For more information on PDN, please visit their website at

National Organization on Disability (NOD)

The National Organization on Disability has spent the past 35 years promoting the full participation of Americans with disabilities in every aspect of life. They focus especially on increasing employment opportunities for the 80% of Americans with disabilities who are currently unemployed. The NOD provides support and guidance to companies who are looking to adopt more effective ways to employ people with disabilities. As a partner of NOD, ADP has access to resources that help improve our disability inclusion priorities. For more information on NOD, please visit their website at

The Alumni Society

The Alumni Society creates networking and professional development platforms with Fortune 1000 companies for Latino leaders who have graduated from select universities to build a strong professional network and explore career opportunities. Through our partnership, ADP is able to connect with the talented members of the Society and share executive level career opportunities with them helping increase ADP’s leadership pipeline with diverse talent. For more information on The Alumni Society, please visit their website at