You know your brand is great and so do your loyal customers (maybe a few of them are even brand advocates, singing your praises on social media), but some people require more convincing than just a rave review. Few people understand your company and your value proposition quite like your employees, which is why turning your workforce into an engaged team of internal brand ambassadors is a smart marketing move. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Keep Employees in the Loop

No one can expect employees to champion the business if they're not regularly informed of what's going on throughout the company. A transparent culture can be a valuable way to generate brand enthusiasm. Think about framing important messages and company updates in ways that get employees excited about what's going on — and that make them feel like they're integral to the company's success. Leverage all communication tools at your disposal — newsletters, all-staff meetings, the company intranet — to keep your internal audience informed about what's happening now and your exciting plans for the future.

2. Offer Resources

No one will step up to be a brand champion if it means they'll have to do all the work. Help your employees out by supplying them with easily shareable material, like company blog posts, media announcements, press releases, photos and short videos.

3. Offer Training and Guidelines

Even employees with the best intentions can inadvertently misuse information and branding materials. To make sure your team succeeds as internal brand ambassadors, offer a quick, informal training. Training may include exposure to social media platforms employees aren't familiar with (but are curious about exploring). Also, establish clear and easy-to-understand policies about how you want employees to share news about the company through social media.

4. Leverage Your Employees' Social Networks

It's possible that many of your employees have a significant number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media platforms. In such cases, it's foolish not to leverage those networks on your company's behalf — and, chances are, your employees will be happy to spread the word about the company if you ask.

The fact that your employees are your brand's biggest fans can speak volumes about your company culture and the value of your products and services. Indeed, employees who are willing to personally vouch for your brand can send a powerful message to both potential customers and potential employees. Top performers are often drawn to organizations that promote a transparent culture, provide incentives to excel, and prioritize employee engagement. And nothing indicates an engaged workforce quite like a team of internal ambassadors who are excited to spread the word about the outstanding company they work for.

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