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Pamela DeLoatch

Pamela DeLoatch 

Pamela DeLoatch is an experienced HR generalist, specialist and retail franchise owner. Her areas of interest and focus as a writer in these fields include technology, engagement, wellness, diversity and inclusion, employee sustainability, leadership, customer satisfaction and culture change.

Latest Articles  by  Pamela DeLoatch 

Three women software engineers work on a project together at a computer

Diversity and Inclusion

Women in Technology: 4 Strategies for Taking the Lead

Office employees work at their desks on a flexible schedule

Time & Attendance

How to Make Flex Time Work for Both Employees and Employers

A diverse group of employees in carpentry shop

Workforce Generations

Promoting Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Four women work together in an office

Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring Women Play Pivotal Roles in the Workforce of Tomorrow

An employee reskilling through digital training

Trends and Innovation

Evolving Your Business Means Evolving Your Team's Skills: How to Reskill Your Workforce

Woman in wheelchair working beside man sitting in chair at office

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Without Inclusion Simply Isn't Enough: Why Inclusivity Is Key to Success

Coworkers in hard hats and masks chatting

Trends and Innovation

Why You Shouldn't Call Humans "Resources"

Two employees connect through an employee mentorship program

Talent Activation

How (and Why) to Create a Well-Performing Mentorship Program Within Your Organization

A young woman with a face mask works in an office

Diversity and Inclusion

What Has the Past Year Meant for Women in the Workforce?

An AfricanAmerican data analyst

Diversity and Inclusion

Closing the Gap: Charting the Path Forward for Women@Work

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