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Graham Templeton

Graham Templeton 

Graham Templeton is a freelance writer in Vancouver, Canada.

Latest Articles  by  Graham 

An egg shell is split into two halves which are painted to represent the EU and Britain

HR Administration and Outsourcing

What Employers Need to Know About Brexit

Benefits can save money.

Compensation and Benefits

Strategic Benefits Admin Can Save Money by Avoiding Turnover

modern commute

Trends and Innovation

How Your Business Can Join the Great Battle to Eliminate the Negative Impact of the Daily Commute

accounting automation

Payroll Processing

Automation Can Empower Any Accounting Firm That Chooses to Embrace It

Weighing options.

Research & Insights

It Takes Real Investment to Stop Turnover In Today's Market

employee turnover

big data

Big Data: The Most Powerful Way to Understand Your Workers

A worker transforms.

Employment Growth

When Hunting for a New Job, Research Shows Industry Matters

Integrating HR Software

big data

Integrating HR and Payroll Systems Doesn't Have to Be Painful

A man works on a computer science program.

Learning and Development

How to Ensure Your Business Doesn't Disappear Into the Skills Gap

A worker holds up a data sheet.

Workforce Analytics

Here's How People Analytics Makes HR a Power in Finance

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