Data Privacy Trends for 2024

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Annually on January 28, Data Privacy Day highlights the importance of protecting data and promoting privacy.

In this Workforce News Minute, Jason Albert, ADP Chief Global Privacy Officer, breaks down the three key trends for data privacy this year.

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Video transcript

From a business perspective, privacy builds trust. Every day, clients trust each of our companies with personal data, and it's important that we honor that trust by not only protecting it but also handling and processing it in compliance with applicable laws.

There are three trends when it comes to data privacy.

First, we're going to see increasing regulation in the U.S. States will continue to adopt privacy laws. Countries around the world will do so as well. And in jurisdictions that already have laws further regulations and guidance will be adopted.

Second, there'll be an increasing demand and expectation for transparency around data collection and usage. Some of that's a result of the regulations I mentioned, but some of it also relates to the need to build trust.

Finally, we're seeing increasing adoption of AI. Data, including personal data, is the lifeblood of AI. To keep people's trust, they will need to be increased transparency around data usage.