Reducing Turnover and Turning Up Real Employee Voices

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Employee relationships in the restaurant industry can be tenuous. Since Thrive Restaurant Group has 172 restaurants across 15 states — including about 140 Applebee's restaurants — their HR department had little visibility into their employee culture. As a company with people-first values, Thrive was hitting a wall with employee experience. Learn what tool they used to break through that wall.

Director of People Experience Renee Chaloupka recalls how difficult it was to stay connected to what was going on in every store across the country, let alone make every one of their 8,100 employees feel seen and heard. She knew Thrive's core values — caring for each and every person that walks through their doors — could be better achieved if they had access to the right resources.

Sixty-second problems only

"Before we partnered with report it®, employees had to call our 1-800 phone number to report an issue," Chaloupka recalls. "But the voicemail had a 60-second recording limit, so people would have to call back eight times to tell their story. You can imagine how much of a barrier that was … When I stumbled upon report it on the ADP Marketplace, I knew it was the solution we needed. We've had great support from report it and its leadership team since implementation. They have helped us through a lot of changes and customization."

Giving employees a voice

Chaloupka explained how different things are with the new software, "Now that we have report it, our employees have a safe place to voice their concerns, and our HR staff can get involved before things escalate. Most employees don't talk about their experiences or concerns because they fear losing their job or being treated differently. Instead of talking about it, they leave, and that turnover affects everyone … it's so unhealthy for the organization."

"Most restaurants have a turnover rate of 150 percent. Ours are between 80-120 percent," Chaloupka reports, "and that's super special for the restaurant industry. report it allows us to make people feel seen and heard and we would never have found it without our partnership with ADP and ADP Marketplace. Having visibility into the employee culture has been a game changer for us."

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Quick facts

  • Company: Thrive Restaurant Group
  • Headquarters: Wichita, Kansas
  • Industry: Restaurant/food service
  • Employees: 8,100
  • ADP Products: ADP Workforce Now®, ADP Marketplace
  • ADP Marketplace partner: report it®

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