Current State and Local Minimum Wage Rates and Planned Increases Across the US

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First published: 05/19/2023. Last updated: 03/25/2024.

In the United States (US), there are minimum wage rates mandated by federal law. The federal minimum wage rate has not increased from $7.25 per hour since 2009. However, states and other jurisdictions (e.g., cities and counties) have enacted their own minimum wage laws. When an employer is subject to conflicting federal, state and local minimum wage requirements, the employer is obligated to pay the highest applicable rate.

The challenge for employers?

The laws governing state and local minimum wage rates can be difficult to track, especially since many rates are pre-scheduled to increase at various times. In addition, as with federal law, some state and local jurisdictions allow employers to pay less in cash wages than the applicable minimum wage when paying tipped employees.

With that challenge in mind, we have brought together state and local minimum wage rates in one comprehensive chart below.

The chart lists in black text the current minimum wage rates for non-tipped and the required cash wages for tipped employees for each state as well as rates for US districts, territories and commonwealths. If the applicable rate is dependent on certain factors (e.g., employer size, whether the employer provides benefits etc.), then these factors are also identified. Listed in red text are local minimum wage rates.

Minimum wage chart

Download the latest State and Local Minimum Wage PDF chart here.

adp state and local minimum wage rates march 2024

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