Getting Personal: What are Small Business Owners #WorkingFor?

Getting Personal What are Small Business Owners Working For

No doubt it takes guts, grit and lack of sleep to run a small business in today's ultra-competitive environment. But what else does it take? What motivates these risk-takers to get up each morning and keep running the race?

During National Small Business Week and in honor of the over half million small business clients who choose ADP as an ally, we are sharing what a few of them answered when asked about their inspiration and motivation. We literally asked them, "What are you working for?"

"I love building technologies that build businesses – so I created a product development design company that helps launch entrepreneurial companies built around transformative technologies."

- Zahir Palanpur, Azul Arc International, Atlanta, GA

"While I was working toward my doctorate, I noticed that my school's biology labs sat unused after the semester ended. As the only African American in my program, I couldn't help but think there was opportunity here to introduce other kids in the community to the wonders of biology. That's how Citizen Science Lab was born."

- Dr. Andre Samuels, The Citizens Science Lab, Pittsburgh, PA

"Once we bought our farm, we immediately had four, five more people that we had to bring on. We treat them well, and we make sure that we can help them achieve things that they need, that they want in life. And we appreciate everyone that works for us. We want to help them out any way we can, and they become our family. We help create a better workplace for others."

- Ryan and Gracie Poulson, Grace Rose Farm, Santa Ynez, CA

In the case of Welby Torres, co-founder of Airtech Automotive in Mesa, AZ – he offers his answer in sight and sound.

The Small Business Administration hosts National Small Business Week each year to highlight the value and contributions of businesses on Main Street U.S.A. – whether brick and mortar or virtual. ADP is once again proud to join in the salute. It's a perfect occasion for business owners to ask themselves, "What are you working for?"

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