This article was updated on June 13, 2018.

When you think of influential executives on social media, you often think of celebrity CEOs, Silicon Valley startup founders and marketing gurus. But what about finance leaders on social media — in particular, CFOs? Knowing what's on the minds of industry leaders can give you firsthand, cutting edge information that can help you better steward human capital and operations.

Here are four CFOs worth following:

1. Jim Cook, Mozilla

Jim Cook is CFO at Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind the Firefox browser. His background in fast-growing software businesses like Intuit and Netflix — and now Mozilla — provides a glimpse into the intersection of finance and technology. Cook doesn't tweet every day so he won't overwhelm your feed. But when he does, his tweets demonstrate the heartbeat of Silicon Valley, from pictures of long lines at Tesla in Palo Alto, to interesting articles by venture capitalists.

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2. Kira Spivak, VenturePack Finance

Kira Spivak is owner and CFO at VenturePack Finance where she offers outsourced CFO and accounting solutions for startups and midsized businesses. Regarded as an industry expert in due diligence, business planning and financial modeling, Spivak tweets mostly about financial news and trends. Her entrepreneurial, client-focused streak shows in her tweets. Occasionally, however, she mixes it up with fun comments like, "A great day to roller blade and think about deal structure."

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3. Frank Mullens, Marketing Innovations International

Frank Mullens is CFO and COO of Marketing Innovations International. Mullens has a knack for marketing and posts content throughout the day about his business, retail and consumer goods. But for fun he posts stunning photos of food that'll make you want to go to lunch immediately. Mullens also curates a Twitter list of CFOs and news sites financial leaders will find useful.

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4. Mark MacLeod, SurePath Capital Partners

Mark MacLeod is the founder of SurePath Capital Partners in Toronto, Ontario. He's had a long career as CFO for leading technology businesses like FreshBooks and Shopify. If you combine his experience as CFO with his current work as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, MacLeod gives you a unique look into the heart of the venture capitalist space.

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