What to expect from ADP Research Institute's® series, "Getting Talent Retention Right."

With low unemployment, potential skills shortages and concerns about employee engagement, organizations are focusing on retaining employees. It is often easier and less expensive to keep the employees you have than try to replace them. Getting a talent retention strategy right involves understanding the three forces that affect employees' decisions to stay or change jobs:

  1. What is going on inside the organization
  2. What is happening with employees
  3. The market factors that affect both their opportunities to leave and the organization's ability to find new talent

Understanding how personal, organizational and market influences interact can help determine what the dynamics are, what can be controlled, what can't, and the best approach to take.

The ADP Research Institute® (ADP RI) has analyzed ADP's three petabytes of data to understand more about who is leaving, who is staying and why.

In this series — Getting Talent Retention Right — we will share the ADP RI's data and insights on:

  • Understanding Retention
  • How to Know if You Have a Retention Problem
  • What Are the Common Causes of Voluntary Turnover
  • How Organizations Can Use Data to Discover Retention Issues
  • How Organizations Can Improve Retention
  • What Data to Use to Track and Stay Ahead of Retention Issues

We will be publishing this series as a white paper. If you would like to receive the ADP RI Report on Getting Talent Retention Right, register here. It's coming this summer 2018.

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