Marcus Buckingham Shares How to Start Strong at Work in 2018

How to Start Work Strong

According to the leading expert on talent from the ADP Research Institute, it's time to create work environments that help people develop their strengths.

As we kick off the New Year, many people are thinking about their career goals and how they'll achieve them in 2018. According to Marcus Buckingham, the leading expert on talent at work and co-head of the ADP Research Institute, it's time to create a work environment that empowers people and helps them develop their strengths.

Marcus recently spoke with the hosts of Nasdaq's TradeTalks and Cheddar about how work today is making people feel disempowered and what companies, managers and employees can do to change that.

Marcus said when you consider recent engagement pulse survey data, it shows that only 26 percent of employees said they had a chance to use their strengths at work today: That's a travesty. Too many companies operate on the principal that what is unique about each employee needs to be fixed.

According to Marcus, employers need to change by being super interested in each person's uniqueness and what they bring to the table.

He shared the following tips on how to start strong in 2018:

  • People can start strong by identifying the parts of their job they love. You are the best judge of saying what parts of your job you love. You know what you're pulled to, where you thrive and get that sense of flow.
  • Team leaders can start strong by individualizing. At the start of 2018, be curious about learning what each team member's strengths are. Ask them what they are drawn to and where they learn quickly. Don't just shove a bunch of goals at them.
  • Companies can start strong by investigating what happens on their best teams. You'll find the best teams are built on the uniqueness of people. If you want to build a better company go study the best teams. All the answers you need are in those teams and unfortunately most companies don't even know what teams exist in their organizations.

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