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Limelight Networks supports its international employees with the help of ADP Streamline®

Limelight Networks’ team of digital presence experts helps organizations streamline processes and optimize business results across all customer interaction channels to deliver exceptional multi-screen experiences, improve brand awareness, drive revenue, and enhance their customer relationships – all while reducing costs.

Problems and issues around paying international employees

Limelight has approximately 110 international (non-U.S.) employees – primarily engineers, technical support specialists, and sales people – who work and reside in more than a dozen countries. The work they perform significantly contributes to Limelight’s excellent global reputation. However, the administrative costs associated with supporting relatively few people over an area of several continents were considerable.

Payroll processing is a good case in point. The company was paying relatively few people over multiple jurisdictions. Compliance requirements were different from country to country. In addition, even while it engaged a service provider (prior to ADP®) that processed payroll and filed the various employment taxes, Limelight was still relying, to a significant extent, on spreadsheets. The cost of supporting a payroll process with manual touch points was not only expensive, but also prone to human error.

Scott Rouillard, Senior Global Payroll Manager, Limelight Networks

We implemented ADP Streamline in twelve countries in just two months. We did not realize how quickly ADP could make it all happen.

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Company Statistics:

  • 13 years in business
  • 13-country presence
  • More than 500 employees

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