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This year's top producer just
moved into a corner office
- our competitor's corner office.

Having strong performers won't make up for a weak global
succession strategy. ADP can help you prepare.


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Global Succession Management: Make the best preparations for the worst case scenarios

You may have spent years developing your top performers in order to get the most out of them. Protect that investment with a global succession management solution from ADP, one that addresses every level of your reporting hierarchy with a proactive – rather than reactive – approach to succession.

Your Weakest Links Are Your Biggest Risks

Your global chain of command is only as strong as its weakest member. You can lose valuable employees overnight in any number of ways, including illnesses, personal leave or to your competitors. You may have employees who are ripe for promotion, but you’re holding them – and your entire organization – back because you don’t have suitable replacement candidates. With a global succession management solution from ADP you can:

  • Identify employees who should be groomed for advancement, and reduce expensive and time-consuming searches for external sources of talent
  • Identify and mitigate potential “flight risks”
  • Extend succession planning beyond your executive teams to every level of your global organization
  • Help you quickly respond to any skills-related performance deficits with a broad, flexible array of learning management solutions from ADP
  • Reach broader goals you may have in global human capital management by integrating succession management with other ADP-provided services, such human resource management solutions

ADP Helps You Prepare for Whatever the Future Holds

ADP can help you anticipate and respond to the biggest succession-related challenges with a solution that empowers you to:

See Who Your Strongest Succession Candidates Are

  • Get one-stop visibility into the bench strength of your global workforce
  • Build a pipeline of qualified succession candidates and help your managers develop them for advancement
  • Leverage employee profiles, performance data and compensation information to aid in planning

See the gaps and make informed decisions about how to fill them

  • Easily spot where you’re at your most vulnerable in terms of staffing and leadership
  • Get a global view of your organization’s level of readiness and drill down through successor lists to the individual employee level
  • Get insight into an employee’s future career potential as early as during the recruitment and hiring process

Help employees pursue their career paths

  • Keep employees motivated through clearly defined career trajectories
  • Compare current competencies with those needed to advance
  • Enable employees to update their own profiles and search for positions to pursue for advancement


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