ADP GlobalView® HCM

Make smarter
decisions with
workforce analytics.


Big data is a big opportunity for global HCM. Power better decision-making with concrete, actionable insights on your workforce.

Help get answers on your HCM questions with guided analysis and benchmarks.

  • Learn if you’re underpaying or overpaying for specific roles
  • Understand if your turnover is lower or higher than other companies in your industry
  • Drill into details to understand root causes, trends, or inefficiencies
  • Move from HR operational reporting to strategic insight

Did you know?

Although 75% of organizations have access to data, just 46% have deployed new tools like workforce analytics.
Source: 2015 Global Human Capital Management Decision-Makers Survey, ADP Research Institute®
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Optimize your workforce productivity and performance.

  • Understand the size, structure, and cost of your workforce
  • Discover factors that influence your talent demographics and strategies
  • Learn where and why turnover is changing
  • Gain insight on if and how your HCM investments are contributing to your organization’s overall business goals

Increase alignment throughout your organization.

  • Share information securely across the organization with role-based security and permissions
  • Equip managers with information to tackle both day-to-day oversight and big-picture talent and engagement strategy
  • Choose from an extensive library of predefined metrics to save time and resources

Did you know?

To enhance company competitiveness, more than 80% of CIOs rank business intelligence and analytics as their top initiative.
Source: "The New Value Integrator: Insight from the Global Chief Financial Officer Study," IBM, 2010
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Customize analytical techniques for your users.

  • Analyze trends across multiple measures and dimensions using drag-and-drop features
  • Slice and dice data by a variety of dimensions
  • Create interactive reports and dashboards to visualize your metrics in a variety of formats

Slice and dice data
by a variety of

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