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ADP Human Capital Insights, Volume 5

As your organization looks to drive impact in the year ahead, we’re pleased to bring you our fifth volume of ADP® Human Capital Management Insights Magazine, with fresh perspectives and insights that we’ve gleaned from our work with over 630,000 organizations across 111 countries. In this issue of ADP Human Capital Insights:

  • ROI for Your Organization’s Wallet & Heart: Three Game-Changing Strategies - HCM is gaining importance and making its way to the forefront of business strategy. Here are three strategies that can facilitate change and deliver impact.
  • Prepping for Expansion: Tools To Know Before You Grow - Expansion can affect how top managers run their teams, carry out processes and use technology. Find out key areas of focus that support expansion now and in the future.
  • Using Social Media to Pre-Screen: Is it Lawful - Although it’s common to screen the social media presence of potential employees during the hiring process, many states and countries have legislation addressing this practice. Are you on the right side of the law?
  • Five Eco-Friendly Strategies for Global Organizations - As global climate change tops the minds of many, eco-friendly organizations use their position to shape public perception. Learn how eco-consciousness differs from one company to the next around the globe.


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