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Bringing the Payslips to Life

Anna Carsen, VP Product Management, ADP Innovation
Holger Mueller, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Employees get value from their payslips. It’s important to make the payslip an interactive experience for your employees across the global organization. For example hourly employees are looking to make sure they were paid correctly and salaried workers are looking to see why their pay may have changed, all localized in their local languages and with their specific in-country inputs. Interactive payslips benefit your organization by creating an interactive platform that your employees are engaged in. This HR platform provides an opportunity to communicate with your employees on important HR information or services that your employees can take advantage of, while reducing the interactions with your HR team and empowering your employees so they can get their work done and deliver value to your organization.

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The Power of User Experience in Global HCM

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