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Driving Globally Strategic Payroll: The Paradoxical Journey to Efficiency and Innovation

Designing and implementing a truly global payroll system is a tall order for even the most accomplished multinational organizations. Jeitosa Group International, in collaboration with the ADP®, developed the Global Benchmarking Study ( GBS) to research the varying environments of global payroll among multinational organizations.

With the goal to uncover specific drivers that affect an organization’s ability to effectively manage the processes and costs of operating in multiple countries, the multi-year study selected organizations with more than 5,000 employees globally and at least 500 employees located in at least three different countries. All organizations provided their individual data on the grounds of confidentiality and anonymity, with an understanding that results are reported in aggregate only.

The research yielded key findings that demonstrate the journey towards greater levels of efficiency, innovation, and effectiveness with respect to their global payroll function.


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