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Wage & Hour Guidelines in the Wake of a Natural Disaster

“Natural disasters only happen to others.” So it seems – until you are the one in the eye of the storm. At that point, you – and your employees – are overwhelmed. Your business may find itself contending with damage and loss of vital services. Your employees may be dealing with the same – or worse. They will look to you for assurance of their safety and protection of their livelihood.

Whether Nature inflicts its wrath on your corporate headquarters or a satellite office, your emergency-action plan needs to ensure your people are prepared to manage through abrupt changes ushered in by a storm that can impact the work environment, safety provisions, and schedules. As an employer, many of your obligations are mandated by state and federal laws and can have serious financial penalties if they are overlooked. Better to prepare now.

Read the full article for a series of Q&As on your responsibilities to employees, and where to turn for more information, in the aftermath of a natural disaster.


Read about wage and hour guidelines in the wake of a natural disaster

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