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Big Data: Powering Big Business Outcomes

From the rubble of business’s escalating data landslide comes a previously untapped opportunity to drive organizational outcomes. In the right hands — the Human Resources Department — it could be powerful.

Keeping up in a fast-evolving world hasn’t been easy for a traditionally transaction-bound and complexity-ridden department like HR. As the transactional aspects were streamlined, data volume increased – in part because that effort captured even more information. So more systems were engaged, each focused on specific transactions. That worked. But these best-of- breed systems, being mostly independent, weren’t typically integrated. You could see the data here. You could see the data there. You just couldn’t do much with it and certainly not together.

But business is driven by outcomes and investments in areas like the workforce are measured by their impact on the organization. Read the full article to learn more about how HR can harness big data to understand how workforce decisions drive business decisions.


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