Epitec: Solving for Compliance Across 42 States

Discover the story of how technology company Epitec, a national IT engineering and staffing firm in Detroit, left ADP in the early 2000s, tried out multiple HR providers over the last decade, and ultimately returned to ADP.

“Without the relationship with ADP to lighten the load and direct our resources to more core, strategic things, we wouldn’t be able to service that need. We are able to put a lot more time and energy into solving issues around onboarding and compliance while payroll is being taken care of by ADP.”

Because ADP has a system that is fully integrated with ours, the reporting has been an invaluable feature. Some of the custom reporting allows us to very quickly compare our systems, find any issues, and address those on an exception basis versus managing thousands and thousands of lines of payroll.

Mark Ruma , Chief Growth Officer , Epitec

  • Responsible for HR, IT and finance

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Challenges Epitec faced:

  • Provided tax and compliance support across 42 states
  • Integrated benefits, payroll and compliance platforms seamlessly to Epitec’s custom system
  • Through data and reporting capabilities, allowed Epitec visibility into business segments that ultimately led to a quadrupling of margin

How ADP helped

  • Recruitment module allows hiring managers to partner with HR in candidate hiring and selection process with quicker turnaround to bring in new talent
  • New employees can sign up for and manage their own benefits selection, without HR intervention
  • Data from Workforce Now supports strategic decision-making and monthly reporting

About Epitec

Headquarters: Detroit, MI
Industry: National IT engineering and professional staffing firm
Size: 1,500
ADP products: ADP Workforce Now®

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