Improve Efficiency of W2 Management and other Year-End Income Reporting Processes

With the ADP SmartCompliance W2 Management Module

Year-end is a busy time for HR and finance organizations, and the effort required to generate and manage the income reporting process can be overwhelming.

But what if you could be confident that your year-end income reporting is timely and accurate, provide online access to download current and historical forms and manage correction and re-issue requests without burdening your resources? With the ADP SmartCompliance W2 management module, you can.

You need to… With ADP W2 Management, you get…

Manage Year-End Statements

  • Timely year-end processing automation.
  • Simplified management of year-end W2 Process.

Distribute Forms to Employees

  • Simplified and cost-effective form distribution.
  • Online access for employees to access and print forms.

Error Management

  • Reduction in resources needed to manage corrections and re-issues with W2 automation.

This service is designed to provide efficient year-end statement processing. Plus, a website is available to provide current and former employees with the ability to instantly access and print their own year-end statements. Also, our call center handles form re-issue requests.

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60-80% of Human Resources Time is Spent on Repetitive Administrative Tasks