ADP Human Capital Insights,
Volume 9

Rapidly changing technology, laws, and how we work means leaders need to think boldly to keep up. The first step is to learn more about what is changing and how to approach the issues.

We start with our cover story on the new General Data Protection Regulation law coming from the EU that significantly affects how data is transferred and handled when it contains information about EU citizens. Since it is often difficult or impractical to know the citizenship of the people your data relates to, and the penalties for violating the laws are severe, it’s important to understand if GDPR applies to your organization.

  • The Intersection of Culture, Technology and the Workplace
  • The Value of Measuring, Tracking and Enhancing Workplace Diversity
  • Pay Equity Steps You Should Take to Attract and Retain Talent
  • Think Beyond Millennials: The Rise of Gen Z
  • Rethinking Benefits: New Trends and Ideas
  • Unlimited Vacation: It's About Morale & the Bottom Line
  • Exploiting Compensation Data to Keep Your Star Employees