Learn about their partnership with ADP® to see how they worked together to strategically overcome their challenges.

ADP offered the features and functionality for us to deploy performance management at an individual goal-setting level. It helps [employees] see that, at an individual level, they can help support revenue growth or client retention or their own employee experience. All of those things become the framework of a successful organization. ADP offered a platform, to deploy globally across a diverse workforce, where you can capture goals tied to initiatives and be able to report on them in a performance review. We have more of a framework to tell people how they are doing, how they impact the business, and the value they’re creating for the enterprise. So this system afforded us an opportunity, not only to provide visibility, but also impact on our bottom line that drives our overall organization performance.

Traci Kellner

Traci Kellner, Executive Vice President of Human Capital

Challenges Beeline faced:

  • Went through two acquisitions and one divestiture over the last eight years
  • Buried behind administrative functions, processes and manual tie-offs
  • Stuck trying to find time to focus on strategic initiatives

How ADP helped

  • Automated benefits transactions to ensure accuracy and save the team time
  • Avoided the need to add additional headcount to their HR team
  • Avoided significant health care penalties by helping to ensure compliance
  • Converted paper employee records to electronic files for additional accuracy and time savings