Malibu Kitchen is a gourmet artisanal deli and bakery that caters to loyal customers and tourists alike. They are known for their specialty sandwiches, market fresh salads and an extensive selection of homemade baked goods.

When I once asked how many small-business customers ADP has in the United States and was told nearly 750,000, I was flabbergasted! For me to be able to say that I feel like I’m their only customer when I call in the weekly payroll, that says a lot. If someone were to ask me about using ADP, I would say, “Don’t think twice. Use them."

Judith Haenel, Co-owner
Malibu Kitchen and Gourmet Country Market


  • Frustrated by the lack of engagement with a former payroll provider.

How ADP helped

  • Even with nearly 750,000 small-business clients to serve, ADP always make Judith feel like she is their only customer.

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