Barton Malow, a top-performing North American contractor that specializes in large-scale commercial construction, such as higher education, automotive and health care, had almost doubled its employee base in three years, making health care compliance even more complicated for the organization. Total Compensation Manager, Sarah Bertolini, needed a proactive solution and expertise to help her manage ACA compliance, including determining offer of coverage eligibility and monitoring important regulatory changes that might affect her company, so she could focus on her everyday tasks and job responsibilities.

I have a day job and complying with ACA requirements was thrown into our laps. This easily could have been a full-time job if I didn’t have ADP’s help – in terms of ROI, that’s about $60k in annual salary saved. ADP made it very simple and their Health Compliance solution certainly gives me a lot of extra time to strategize and look at how we can enhance our employee experience during this growth period – how we can address employee needs and also become an employer of choice.

Sarah Bertolini

Sarah Bertolini, Total Compensation Manager
Barton Malow

Challenges Barton Malow faced:

  • Lack of in-house expertise, resources or time to manage complex health care reporting requirements
  • Nearly double the employee size in just a few years, adding to the complexity

How ADP helped:

  • ADP SmartCompliance® Health Compliance module helped bring peace of mind and confidence that health care compliance requirements are being met
  • Provided financial and time savings for the team to focus on strategic initiatives