Keeping Up with Compliance

Learn how The Treatment Center and the Adolescent Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches saved millions of dollars last year when ADP Comprehensive Services® helped the business to manage staff scheduling to avoid overtime costs and supported a review of all the Center's forms and processes to provide best practices.

ADP sends us compliance alert emails any time there are federal or state employment law changes in legislation that affect our business. ADP also lets us know how they are addressing any changes in the system to accommodate the new legislation and provides us with sample policies that we can use. We have saved time and tens of thousands of dollars having best practice policies and procedures prepared for us as part of ADP’s service.

When we came back to ADP Comprehensive Services, we realized that we got even more than we expected with an enhanced system. There are more standard reports and more efficiencies built into the system that could benefit our company even more than they had before. We’re very happy now.

Sandra Rose, Human Resources Director
The Treatment Center and the Adolescent Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches

Challenges The Treatment Center faced:

  • Extensive overtime, with 500 employees, working three shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Ever-changing compliance regulations and policies
  • Complex onboarding and benefits administration, due to employees working multiple shifts outside of 9 to 5 business hours
  • Long waiting periods (32-36 days) for new hire background and driver checks to be completed

How ADP helped

  • Ability to be proactive with scheduling saved $4M in overtime costs in 2015
  • ADP Comprehensive Services complimentary compliance review saved tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs
  • Streamlined the hiring process to 14 days, down from 32-36 days
  • Self-service app allows new employees to select benefits in five minutes, anytime, anywhere