Cummins, Inc.: Managing an agile workforce

Cummins is the largest independent diesel engine manufacturer in the world, producing over 1.5 million engines in 2019. Cummins powers a world that is always on by providing power solutions as small as agriculture irrigation pumps, to over the road semi-trucks, to very complex generators that provide backup power to hospitals and data centers. Its service footprint consists of over 10,000 service centers in 190 countries. Director of Service Capability, Ryan Tidd, shares how ADP® WorkMarket helps Cummins utilize the gig workforce to address an industry shortage of skilled technicians.

Ryan Tidd

At the end of 2019, we were able to demonstrate a 100 percent digital recruitment strategy that delivered 500 people in three cities in four months and we executed 200 assignments on the WorkMarket Application in three cities while adhering to company policies. We developed a comprehensive change management strategy for our employees, customers and industry.

The gig economy is very dynamic, and this dynamic will change what we historically thought we knew about a job. We’ll have to rethink everything about health insurance, retirement, training, employment classification, access to work, financing and more to win talent.

Ryan Tidd, director of service capability
Cummins, Inc.

Challenges Cummins, Inc. faced:

  • Fluctuating labor demands and staffing challenges
  • Finding skilled technicians to support demand and growth
  • Lack of structure and policies to support an on-demand workforce

How ADP helped:

  • Support to organize, verify and track independent contractors efficiently and compliantly
  • Ability to seamlessly and conveniently pay contractors with various pay options
  • Reporting tools to gain visibility into total spend, market coverage and more