ProAmpac is a leading global flexible packaging company with a comprehensive product offering, providing creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace. To help be more efficient and effective across the organization, they needed integrated solutions that could help streamline their talent efforts.

Talent Management helped us to create a streamlined process for our teams and allowed us to introduce specific cascading goals that our entire global organization is working towards.”

Kate Adams,, Manager, Talent Management


  • Innovation and efficiency was proving difficult with the standard, out-of-the-box talent management systems used in the past.

How ADP helped

  • ADP’s flexible talent solutions provided the tools necessary to help standardize processes and procedures for both talent acquisition and talent management.

Configuration needed for success

Prior to partnering with ADP, we had many different systems in place. ADP helped us to standardize many of our practices and procedures regarding both talent acquisition and talent management. Because we are a large organization, and continue to grow specifically through acquisition, we require a level of flexibility to remain successful. Thankfully, ADP’s robust tools are very flexible and have allowed us to build in certain configurations at the site level. So, any given location might require a level of modification to processes and procedures specific to that site, but we’re still able to achieve standardization of other processes across the organization.

Reporting capabilities provide better understanding

The reporting capabilities of Recruiting Management are great. The visibility to where our candidates come from, the time needed to complete applications and where they drop out in that application process allows us the opportunity to closely analyze the candidate experience and activity. It raises the questions: Do we need to shorten our candidate application? Do we need to spend money advertising on different sources — if so, where? What are the geographical market considerations? This information is invaluable! Without the information from these robust reports, we wouldn’t be able to make the decisions that help us to be better recruiters.

Consistent goals across the organization drive alignment

Talent Management helped us to create a streamlined process for our teams and allowed us to introduce specific cascading goals that our entire global organization is working towards. Having a system and processes in place makes it very easy for us to input our CEO’s goals, provide the visibility for everyone to view them, which includes our divisional and safety goals. This has ultimately helped increase our efficiencies and be more effective in becoming a better, more successful company. Overall, ADP has been a great partner for us.

Setting the standard with Performance Management

Reporting with Performance Management has allowed us to see if our teams are completing necessary steps in our process — a huge step up from what we had before. Now, we know when we need to follow up with the teams, to help ensure they are completing the steps in the process accurately and on time. Our employees deserve the feedback, whether during their mid-year touchpoint or end of the year evaluation process. It’s great to have that information out our fingertips and has set the standard for our organization.

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