Founded by a retail pharmacist who’d spent 15 years working for national chains, Plainsboro Pharmacy provides a wide range of personalized healthcare services to its community, including vaccines, medical equipment and stress-free prescription fulfillment. We recently spoke with the manager, Heba Macksoud, about how RUN Powered by ADP has helped her save time and money as the business has evolved and changed.

ADP is proof that there’s an advantage to working with a large company even if you’re a small company. It’s not as cost-prohibitive as you might think, and the time savings alone make it worth it.

Heba Macksoud, Manager
Plainsboro Pharmacy


  • Using an accountant to handle payroll was time consuming and required a lot of paperwork.

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP helped make payroll easy - saving time and money. And the ADP benchmarking tool provided the confidence that they were offering competitive wages.


Running payroll with an accountant meant too many forms

We started out using an accountant to run our payroll, but we had to fill out a lot of forms to get anything done. And as time went on, I really wanted to be able to do things myself. I wanted a hands-on tool — it was time to get with the electronic age. I looked at RUN Powered by ADP, and I liked that it was a professional tool I could use to manage payroll and most of the HR functions myself. Now payroll takes me about five minutes — saving me a lot of time.

ADP’s salary benchmarking tool made me feel secure

Another new ADP feature that came in handy was the salary benchmarking tool. With mid-size to large businesses paying upwards of $17 an hour now, I was concerned that I wasn’t paying enough. It turns out that the wages I’m offering were within the normal range. Which is great news, because I can’t necessarily afford to pay what those larger companies are paying. ADP’s benchmarking tool made me feel secure in what I was offering.

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