As one of the largest nonprofits in affordable housing, Mercy Housing supports people who come from all different kinds of cultures and backgrounds. In order to best support their diverse residents, they need to recruit and employ an equally diverse workforce who can speak different languages and relate to the various cultures – which is no small task for its lean HR team.

Hear about Mercy Housing’s experience partnering with ADP®.

Diversity, equity and inclusion for us is critical. The communities that we serve are richly diverse and it's important that our teams are as diverse and understand the needs, the culture and the tone of any community that we're working in. ADP has allowed us to be able to … understand our pay equity landscape here at Mercy Housing to make sure that we are paying fairly, that we're paying equitably across all cuts of our population.

Michele Stowe

Michele Stowe, Chief Operating Officer
Mercy Housing

Challenges Mercy Housing faced:

  • Managing significant company growth within a short period of time while finding and recruiting diverse candidates
  • Handling all things HCM-related with a lean HR team

How ADP helped:

  • The MyADP portal and ADP mobile app have helped employees and the HR team save time by having access to everything they need on their mobile devices
  • Utilizing the different platforms and tools available from ADP, Mercy Housing was able to better align with and accommodate its diverse workforce
  • Provided help through its service, support and technology to help Mercy Housing’s small HR team stretch its resources