As the only medical facility in Cascade, Idaho, Cascade Medical Center faces some unique challenges. Discover how the company leverages the athenahealth and ADP partnership to reduce errors and time spent on payroll and time and labor management, dedicate more time to strategic HR and financial initiatives and more.

With [employees] having the ability to go in and change their W4s and track their own PTO it saves me time ... Now that we’ve finally got it integrated the way we needed to, it’s taking maybe an hour with all the review processes to [process payroll].

Kimberley Dalrymple, Financial Services Director
Cascade Medical Center

Challenges Cascade Medical Center faced:

  • Properly tracking employee hours, overtime and PTO
  • Ensuring time and labor management compliance
  • Lack of integrated HR and no system for tracking time and attendance
  • Identifying resources as needed for ongoing HR support

How ADP helped

  • Provided an intuitive, easy-to-use Human Capital Management (HCM) system
  • Automated and simplified many HR tasks, which allowed more time to focus on employees