Brown Veterinary Hospital calls itself “your other family doctor.” Founded by Dr. Beth Brown, this fast-growing clinic has gone from just two to 30 employees by focusing on helping beloved dogs, cats and the occasional turtle live long, healthy lives.

Payroll is so much easier to get done now, because I don’t have to spend all that time going back and forth with the accountants. And I feel like I have so much more control. It’s extremely user-friendly, and the cost savings is considerable

Emily Pinell, CVPM and RVT
Brown Veterinary Hospital


  • Using their accountant to run payroll was very expensive and they did not have easy access to payroll records.

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP provides ease-of use, greater control of payroll information and considerable cost savings.

Running payroll through our accounting firm wasn’t easy
When I first started working here, we were running payroll through a local consultant, and she was blown away by the amount we were spending. And there were other issues, too.

Payroll is so much easier with ADP®
Our business consultant recommended ADP, so I looked into it. I liked how user-friendly it was, and I was impressed with the customer service. Other than working with our accountants, I had never really been in charge of payroll before, so it felt like a big responsibility! I really wanted to make sure I was setting myself up with someone who understood that and would always be there if I had questions. So, we got set up with RUN Powered by ADP for payroll and ADP Time and Attendance. I really liked it, and we’ve never looked back.

ADP is always there to answer my questions
With ADP, there’s never been a time that I’ve needed something or had a question that I couldn’t get a hold of somebody who could help, whether by calling customer service or using the chat feature.

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