As the president of Logan Medical Federal Credit Union, a small financial institution that serves the employees of the medical community of Cache Valley, Dale Howe doesn’t always have the time to focus on payroll. But every company he hired to make the job easier only complicated the process with mistakes and inefficient practices. That all changed when he switched from local payroll processing companies to ADP.

[ADP’s] service has surpassed anything I ever used, and I love that it’s all online. I don’t have to phone in or anything. And after I push ‘Send,’ I can verify all my numbers right there. I used to have to wait seven days, but now I can print out the reports and go forward. This has been, by far, the best product I have used in the 18 years I’ve been here.

Dale Howe, President
Logan Medical Credit Union

Business Challenge:

  • Finding a payroll partner that makes the process more efficient and affordable

How ADP Helped:

  • RUN Powered by ADP® lets small businesses do payroll entirely online and on their own schedule