WCAPS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the leadership and professional development of women of color in international peace, security, and conflict transformation. After leaving Paychex for Gusto, learn why the final switch to ADP helped solve their challenges.

Was there a huge difference in processing payroll between Gusto and ADP? Maybe not. But the customer service is what keeps me coming back to ADP.

Will Stewart, Operations and Information Technology Manager


  • Past payroll vendors either lacked the ability to delivery timely payroll or their customer service was not helpful when needed.

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP provides an efficient and reliable solution for payroll and is backed up by exemplary customer service.

With Paychex, people weren’t getting paid

When I started at WCAPS, we ran payroll through Paychex and there was always some kind of issue. The process for submitting hours was inefficient, and we had a few missing payments — people weren’t getting paid.

Gusto had cartoons, but no customer service

Running payroll with them was fine, but there was hardly any customer service. If you have a question, you must fill out a ticket, wait for the ticket to get opened and then wait for someone to get to you. But you don’t always have time to wait when it comes to payroll questions.

ADP customer service was like night and day

Finally, we switched to ADP. The difference between Gusto’s customer service experience and ADP’s is night and day. ADP offers 60 days of onboarding, where a person calls you every week and walks you through the payroll process.

The customer service is why I come back to ADP

If I ever have an issue, I know I can message our account manager and get an answer. She knows us, and our organization and we have a nice, friendly, collegial relationship with her. I think that’s what sums up my relationship with ADP, that kind of customer service.

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