Cognition Cyclery is a leading specialized bicycle retailer in California offering the highest quality brands, service and repairs. Hear how ADP TotalSource® provided critical support during a time of tremendous growth with dedicated HR support and a one-stop solution for payroll and benefits.

ADP became a one stop shop. In a nutshell, ADP has my back. When I need HR support, I don't have to worry anymore. I have peace of mind knowing I can go to ADP and get those answers and be guided in the direction that I need to go. It's something I can trust and not have to second guess, and that's huge for me.

My job is like riding a bike. I've got to constantly switch gears, put the brakes on, and sometimes, I'll hit a pothole. ADP TotalSource is like a riding partner. I'm not on the road alone.

Wil Borje, Contoller
Cognition Cyclery