For 48 years, Tim Vrabel made his living as an accountant who performed independent audits of government entities, from municipalities to public schools to libraries to water utilities. In 1978, he co-founded Dickinson Vrabel and Cassells PA, then founded T.M. Vrabel & Associates, LLC, in 2007. Throughout his entire career, Tim chose to partner with ADP® for his HR and payroll needs until his retirement in Spring 2021.

On behalf of all of ADP, we congratulate him on a very successful career and have sincerely appreciated having him as a loyal client. Learn more about Tim’s experience using ADP over the years, including why he never switched to a different system and how much time he has saved throughout his career.

I would recommend ADP to anyone. You just can’t beat them for accuracy and convenience. And as an auditor, accuracy is obviously a big thing for me. You want to save $10 or $15 per payroll? Go ahead. Personally, I’d rather do it right the first time. I saw enough clients get into trouble with the IRS because of late payments or wrong payments and everything else. That was just something I never wanted to deal with. And with ADP, I never did.

Tim Vrabel, Accountant
T.M. Vrabel & Associates


  • Needed an accurate, convenient payroll solution to support his company through the years

How ADP helped

  • Provided payroll support for 48 years