The future of your clients’ businesses depend on attracting and keeping high quality talent and removing obstacles and distractions that prevent them from doing their best work. Unfortunately, many workers today are financially overwhelmed, living paycheck-to-paycheck with little retirement savings and no emergency fund. In fact, money is a top source of significant stress for workers1 and 40% of them say they plan to postpone retirement due to their financial situation2.

These financial stressors can follow employees to work and destroy your clients’ productivity and engagement, but you’re not powerless to stop it. Employer financial benefits, like retirement plans and financial wellness programs, can help cultivate a financially sound workforce and attain better business results through elevated employee engagement.

How ADP can help advisors like you create retirement plans that work better for your clients

Advisors who utilize ADP as their provider of choice for their retirement business can qualify for exclusive services and support through our Advisor Elite program. It rewards your confidence in us with knowledgeable support, unparalleled service and information that can help make your job easier and deliver the highest level of service to your clients and plans.

When you become a part of our Advisor Elite community, you will gain access to:

  • An advisor help desk that provides product support
  • Tools to monitor the health of your plans and keep them headed in the right direction
  • Participant services and communications that facilitate retirement readiness
  • Access to plan information, advisor tools and events to help you stay connected and on top of your business

For more information on services that can help take your retirement business further than ever before, download our ADP Advisor Capabilities guidebook.

1Stress in America. American Psychological Association, October 2018

2Financial Wellness Survey. Retirement Insights, LLC, 2018

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