Understanding retention involves analyzing and understanding both turnover – who is leaving and why – and tenure – who is staying and why. Having accurate data and a comprehensive picture of what is happening in the market, the organization, and with employees is the first step in creating an effective retention strategy.

Here’s what covered in this report:

  • Calculating and benchmarking turnover to understand which employees are leaving
  • Calculating and benchmarking tenure to understand which employees are staying
  • Tracking data on other key metrics to get a clearer picture of what is happening and where
  • Exploring the reasons people both stay and go through data collection and analysis, surveys, interviews and investigation
  • Assessing possible causes and determining whether the organization can realistically influence the issue
  • Developing an action plan that will be effective and align with business strategy

Organizations have different concerns and problems. And every solution should be customized to your business strategy, market conditions, and what is happening with your employees.

Bottom line: Better data and better questions are the foundation to getting retention strategy right.

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