Selling your payroll client base to reduce compliance headaches

For Donna Aul and Mary Shellabarger, co-owners of Northend Tax & Accounting, processing payroll for their small business clients has been part of their core service offerings for years, until it became too complex and time-consuming to handle. By partnering with ADP®, Mary and Donna were able to successfully sell their payroll client base, smoothly transitioning close to 50 of their payroll clients with the help of ADP’s experienced client base acquisition team.

After talking with ADP, we were sure that they were going to be able to provide the type of service to our clients that we were giving them through the years.

Donna Aul & Mary Shellabarger , Co-Owners , Northend Tax & Accounting

* Not all clients will experience the same results. ADP has not compensated any clients or individuals for the included testimonials.

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