Health Compliance

Successfully navigate
the complexity of
health compliance.


ADP SmartCompliance® can help you
keep up with the evolving requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Keep pace with the changing Affordable Care Act (ACA) landscape. ADP SmartCompliance can help you keep compliant by efficiently determining employee eligibility, analyzing coverage affordability, and managing IRS reporting, exchange notices, and penalties -
all while giving you visibility and control along the way.

A robust system for managing your
ACA compliance process.

With ADP SmartCompliance as your control center, you’ll have advanced technology and
a knowledgeable team to help you every step of the way:

ADP SmartCompliance integration with existing HCM systems

Centralize and organize health care data.
ADP SmartCompliance is easily integrated into existing HCM systems.

ADP Certified Healthcare Reform specialists help manage compliance

Reduce time and effort with specialist-led health compliance management.
ADP’s team of Certified Healthcare Reform specialists helps you manage compliance in conjunction with our advanced analytics platform.

Evaluate data across HCM systems

Track workforce health compliance.
Advanced algorithms evaluate data across HCM systems into a holistic view of current and trending workforce health compliance.

Efficiently handle healthcare regulatory management

Efficiently handle regulatory management.
ADP processes and stores Notices of Coverage Options, reconciles and appeals Exchange Notices, prepares, prints and distributes IRS Forms 1094-C & 1095-C annual reports, and researches IRS penalty notices.

A single elegant solution to the biggest challenges in ACA compliance for employers.

Wage Payment Options

Manage regulations with confidence.
ADP SmartCompliance can help you manage the labor-intensive interactions between employers and government agencies including:

  • Employee notices
  • Exchange notices
  • IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C
  • ACA penalty reconciliations
Wage Payment Options

Stay compliant and avoid penalties.
ADP SmartCompliance helps find potential compliance vulnerabilities across leading HCM systems to aggregate relevant data including:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Leave Administration

Unparalleled employee communications.

In addition to helping you manage interactions with federal agencies, ADP SmartCompliance assists you with communicating to your employees. A complete employer communications toolkit including emails, in-office posters, postcards and educational videos is available.

Keep up with the changing healthcare landscape.

ADP has dedicated professionals who continuously monitor and track evolving regulations. Stay ahead of it all by following the latest news, information and perspectives.

Better compliance. Easier process management. Less work.

ADP SmartCompliance gives you a powerful technological platform and deep health care reform compliance expertise in a single integrated service solution designed to make managing compliance easier.

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