Have you ever sat at your desk feeling less than inspired, your energy zapped and your creativity tapped out? If this sounds all too familiar, it may be more than a case of the midweek blues — it could mean that it's time to freshen up your workspace so it actively helps promote productivity. That's where feng shui for the office can help.

Feng shui, pronounced "fung shway," is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize the energies of physical environments with the energies of the human beings who occupy them. Feng shui practitioners believe that objects and people have "chi," which is energy, and that their energy can be optimized and balanced to create a sense of well-being. For example, we can arrange objects like furniture and plants to create the right balance, according to Greatist.

Summer school - workplace zen

You don't need to be a zen master to know that a cluttered, dark and disorganized environment will not inspire and energize many people. Consider using the principles of feng shui to refresh your workspace this summer — it could help you boost employee productivity, creativity and engagement.

Ask the Right Questions

So much of feng shui is about learning to be "present," to live in the moment and observe what's happening around you. This might sound simple, but you'll need to slow down to be fully present, as FinerMinds explains, which is often difficult for business owners to do. Make a point of taking regular, dedicated breaks, and try to empty your mind and see your surroundings with fresh eyes, as a stranger might.

As The Spruce suggests, enter your office or workspace and open all your senses. How is the lighting? Do people have access to natural light or windows? How's the air quality? How open is the space? Can you move around easily? How's the flow within the space? How comfortable are the chairs, and what do you see when you look up as you sit? How does the space make you feel? As you answer these big questions, you're learning about the feng shui of your office.

Focus on Focal Points

In feng shui practice, looking at bare walls weakens our energy and kills the flow of any space. Better to let workers look at plants or at open areas or windows. In addition, workstations should be personalized, not generic. The Spruce recommends that workers bring objects that spark joy into their office space to promote well-being and productivity. So consider allowing employees to put a family photo on their desks or hang a poster that makes them laugh or reflect.

Plants Matter

We are connected to nature, and emphasizing that connection in the workplace can help promote well-being and help people manage workplace stress. Are there plants that beautify the office and improve air quality? Do you have landscape paintings or posters on the walls? Thinking of ways to bring natural elements inside can help improve feng shui for the office.

Don't Force It

If your bookkeeper likes a messy desk, she may not welcome your initiative to declutter. Sometimes, harmony in your office may mean allowing your employees to maintain their happy hodgepodge, so long as they follow any company policies, including those that help protect the company's confidential and proprietary information. Talk with your team to find out what design elements are feasible to help them feel inspired, creative and energized. Creating an office environment that's optimized to encourage innovation and productivity can be a worthwhile investment.

That's all for today. Check back in next Wednesday for the next Summer School post highlighting innovative ideas to help you shorten your sales cycle and sell more in less time. See you then!

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