The decision to rebrand your small business can be a tough call to make. You've likely witnessed that for some brands, change means success, while for others, it results in disaster. While it may be tempting to forgo a digital rebrand, there are situations where not rebranding is a costly mistake.

If you're wondering if it's time for a revamp, here are five reasons to digitally rebrand your small business:

1. Your Brand Is Standing Out for the Wrong Reasons

If your website and graphics are outdated, a digital rebrand is critical. If your website was trendy when it was originally designed, it may no longer be on trend. Here are definite signs your website needs an overhaul:

  • Information That Hasn't Been Updated
    Does your copyright display the current year? When was your last news entry or blog post published?
  • Outdated Graphics and Text
    If you have animated graphics or blinking text, it's time to rebrand. Choose a web-safe font and draw attention with compelling language, strong calls to action and strategic use of color.
  • Unresponsive Design
    Is your website mobile responsive? Does it look good on a tablet? If the answer is no, update your site to make sure the experience is user-friendly across devices.

Your website provides signals about the quality of your product or service. If your site does not have accurate and up-to-date information, what message are you sending to your audience?

2. Your Audience Continues to Evolve

Your audience continues to evolve and so should your business. As your audience adopts new technology and experiences shifts in digital trends, they will expect your brand to keep up. If your business does not evolve at the rate of technology, you can lose your customers to competitors with stronger digital brands.

Your digital brand is your welcome mat for customers in the digital space, and it determines how customers perceive your brand as a whole. A current digital brand can lend credibility to your business and your offering. A poor digital brand can negatively impact your perceived quality, brand credibility and business profitability. Stay current.

3. You Want to Remain Competitive

Is your digital brand on trend for your industry? How do your digital touch points compare with those of your competitors? Are your website, social profiles, email campaigns and digital ads on par with industry standard?

If your digital brand is not at or above industry standard, you should execute a digital rebrand so that your business can meet the expectation that has been established for your industry and market.

4. You Want to Gain a Strategic Advantage

If you want to gain a strategic advantage for your business, you must continuously innovate and stay ahead of your competitors. In order to establish yourself as an industry leader, you should strive to be among the first to adopt and implement new practices as the digital landscape changes.

5. You Want to Attract Talent and Partners

While many businesses focus their branding efforts on attracting customers, an attractive digital brand can lure talented employees and partners to your business. Since potential employees and partners are also evaluating your brand, make sure they are left with a good impression.

Simply put, your digital brand is the face of your business. You should strive to develop a quality, innovative digital brand to attract customers and opportunities that further your business goals.

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